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May 15, 2022

Anonymous Cloud Hosting

An anonymous private cloud is a cloud computing environment where all resources are allocated solely to a single client and are only accessible by that client. The client's identity is unknown, and therefore can't be revealed or linked to the hosted content.

A virtual machine, or VM, is a common term for a virtual private server. Since cloud hosting uses the computational power of several machines, you have far more potential than traditional hosting: and you still have full root access to the provided VM. Cloud hosting allows apps or websites to utilize the resources of numerous servers, resulting in improved performance.

Technical Aspects of Anonymous Cloud Hosting

The architecture of an anonymous cloud is very similar to the architecture of a public cloud. This is because an anonymous cloud mirrors public cloud behavior but has enhanced anonymity and privacy features.

Each cloud server is given a partitioned drive and storage space accessible from its own operating environment. These resources are not shared with other tenants, and every VM has its own set of virtual RAM, SSD, and CPU cores. Cloud software gathers computing, network, and storage resources that are accessible on individual servers but deployed across the data center into pools. The cloud then divides them into virtual resources deployed to virtual machines using virtualization technology. Therefore, your cloud server might ‘burst,’ a technique that grants greater flexibility to reduce the use of additional resources and therefore costs during non-peak hours. Furthermore, this also means that the private cloud can dynamically scale out to provide needed resources during high peaks of activity.

Anonymous cloud hosting combines flexibility, scalability, and simplicity. With anonymous cloud hosting, you have access to the range of benefits of cloud computing power: enhanced security, anonymity, and resource customization.

Features of Anonymous Cloud Hosting

Using a pseudonym to sign-up for anonymous website hosting

Users are not required to provide their actual names when signing up for anonymous website hosting. To use anonymous cloud hosting, you only need an email address. This email address is only required to keep you informed about any ongoing maintenance or upgrades. To protect your privacy, it's highly advised that you use a specific alternative email address, not your official one.

No postal address or phone number is necessary

When registering a domain name, you don't have to use your actual address or provide any phone number. No ID or bill slips are required. Therefore, no verification via SMS or email is required. Once you get through a simple sign-up process and choose the best hosting plan for your business, you can instantly launch your anonymous cloud hosting.

Anonymous payments

Instead of utilizing traditional payment methods, most anonymous cloud hosting businesses allow you to pay with anonymous and secure crypto transactions. We accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Even if all crypto transactions are public and recorded in a blockchain or ledger, they do not have to link to an owner's wallet. To set up your bitcoin wallet, you don't need to provide any ID or email. So as long as your wallet is not linked to your credit card or PayPal account, your true identity can remain unknown.

Offshore jurisdiction

Offshore hosting allows people and businesses to host their content in locations other than their current home country. Because there are differences in offshore jurisdiction laws, offshore hosting enables you to host your content in a preferable location. This is useful if your content is controversial or restricted in your country. For example, online casinos are prohibited in Japan. Offshore hosting uses servers in countries with less strict regulations, and your content is often even DMCA-protected.

As more businesses go online, failure to manage privacy and anonymity could jeopardize their success and profitability. Anyone requiring improved performance, anonymity, privacy, and access control might choose anonymous cloud hosting. Thanks to virtualization technologies, many hosting companies now provide virtual private server solutions for crypto. However, these companies may not provide true anonymous hosting: this only describes hosting that does not require personally identifiable information.

Anonymous cloud hosting offers superior data privacy, anonymity, and cost savings. Because of the anonymous sign-up process and untraceable crypto payments, your true identity will stay unknown when you sign up for anonymous cloud hosting. Anonymous cloud hosting is the preferable hosting solution for improved performance, anonymity, and privacy.