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Mar 9, 2022

We Accept Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Crypto payment gateway is a safe, anonymous, fast, and adequate payment alternative to standard payment options. Therefore here in PRV, we have decided to extend our crypto payment options and provide you with better payment comfort. Besides Bitcoin, you can now pay your anonymous server fees with Ethereum, Elrod EGold, Tether, USD Coin, and Dash. These new coins will let you cover your costs with total flexibility and anonymity provided by the crypto payment gateway.

The Role of Crypto in Anonymous Hosting

Thanks to digital currencies as a payment alternative, more and more consumers are abandoning traditional payment methods. The creation of crypto-payment gateways benefits both users and businesses by eliminating intermediaries or third parties in the transaction process. This only speeds up the payment process and reduces transaction stages. Decentralized currency means a single government or central bank doesn't control it, so your coins are unlikely to be frozen or demanded by authorities. The decentralized structure of the blockchain also ensures transaction transparency and prevents data modification.

The anonymity and privacy associated with cryptocurrency make it the ideal payment method for anonymous hosting.

Hostings That Accepts Bitcoin

One of the most appealing aspects of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is no exception, is that it has no borders. Bitcoin has the advantage of being a very accessible and adaptable digital money. Because sending bitcoins to another user takes only a few minutes, you may use it for any kind of payment. Bitcoin users are recognized by transaction IDs and have several public keys, though they are not entirely anonymous. However, this level of anonymity eliminates public monitoring and prevents transactions from being linked back to the user. Bitcoin price might be volatile, affected by its supply and the market's demand for it. BTC price also depends on the cost of the mining process. Coinbase is the easiest place to buy cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is still a nascent asset class, although it has been around for more than a decade.

Other than Bitcoin, we added Ethereum, Elrod EGold, Tether, Usd Coin, and Dash to our cryptocurrency payment portfolio. Let's have a closer look at the main benefits of these new coins.

Ethereum - ETH

Blockchain-powered Ethereum is the most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. This well-known cryptocurrency has the second highest market cap. Compared to Bitcoin, where transaction processing time might last minutes, Ether transactions are confirmed in seconds. Ethereum price is volatile, primarily influenced by its supply and market demand.

Elrod EGold - EGLD

What makes Elrond coin a highly functional ecosystem is: high transaction speeds, scalability, and full custody over users' funds. Maintaining security and speed while achieving scalability and sustainability, Elrond has achieved its goal to be the best smart contract blockchain. Elrond crypto is a fast, cheap, and very efficient coin.

Tether - USDT

Unlike the other coins whose price continually goes up and down, Tether is a stablecoin. Tether price is $1.00 per token. Tether crypto creates a bridge between standard fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies by offering its users steadiness, transparency, and nominal transaction charges. It's also often used to hold money on exchanges when traders feel that the market is extremely volatile.


USDC is yet another stablecoin with the price of $1.00 per coin, but compared to USDT, each USD Coin is backed by a US dollar in a separate bank account. According to Kraken, USD Coin transactions take around five minutes to complete and need 20 confirmations. Many traders use USDC to exchange a volatile cryptocurrency for a stablecoin.

Dark coin, DASH, or 'digital cash'

With better privacy and higher transaction speeds, DASH is one of the most private cryptocurrencies. Dash crypto is a decentralized coin run by DAO (decentralised autonomous organization), which means that governance issues are handled entirely by a group of users called "masternodes" rather than by a centralized authority. Dashes' edge over many cryptocurrencies is its unique blockchain technology and strong privacy.

Benefits of Crypto Payment

1. Anonymity

This feature is a must-have for users that value their anonymity and digital transaction security. Centralized payment processes require user registration and KYC authentication, but users do not need to register or provide any KYC with crypto transactions. Crypto transactions tend to be very secure despite their decentralized nature if crypto users take the necessary precautions. Blockchain is inherently the most secure technology, where each transaction is verified and publicly available. This level of security and privacy makes cryptocurrency the ideal payment gateway for anonymous hosting services.

2. No Chargebacks

There is no chargeback or refund option when it comes to crypto payments. The transaction cannot be returned to the customer once approved. Even this feature increases transaction security.

3. Processing Time

Compared to standard fiat transactions, cryptocurrency transactions are fast, nearly instant. Some transactions take only 10 seconds and cost nothing.

The Bottom Line
Here in PRV, we are committed to providing top-notch anonymous hosting services with various crypto payment methods. Each crypto payment method has its pros and cons, but the anonymous payment option unifies them all.

With anonymous hosting, users can maximize their anonymous online experience and host any content without identity exposure. Anonymous VPS also enhances security and stability. Choose the best hosting plan and pay with any crypto coin we accept.