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Nov 11, 2021

Choosing the Best Anonymous VPS Plan

This blog will discuss a few things to help you choose the ideal VPS plan that suits your needs. Our anonymous VPS plans provide various VPS configurations that will guarantee the specified resources.

How to Configure Your Anonymous VPS

Wondering if you need more CPU power or extra RAM? Then let's find out the answer about your optimal VPS setup.


Random Access Memory or RAM is responsible for the overall performance of your chosen plan. The more RAM your VPS plan has, the more performance you get from it. Are you running more programs simultaneously on your VPS? Then more RAM will better serve your needs. More memory will serve you better if you need to store extensive variables, production databases, or in-memory caches that require more significant amounts of memory to keep working sets of data. Without enough RAM, such applications typically run slowly or can occasionally crash. So choosing the right amount of RAM needed for your VPS depends upon your VPS purpose, application, or program you intend to run on it. Only with a healthy portion of RAM, you'll be able to reach the peak performance of your anonymous VPS.


The Central Processing Unit, or simply CPU, is responsible for all calculations. Our CPU-optimized VPS plan is ideal for applications that require guaranteed and sustained CPU performance but are not that memory-intensive. The CPU-orientated plan is well suited for applications that demand fast and consistent performance like data analytics, video processing, gaming servers, batch processing, and active front-end web servers. Only a well-optimized CPU will provide your applications with a vast amount of computing power. Our anonymous VPS plans give you access to up to 6 vCPUs powered by DigitalOcean.


The next factor to consider when choosing the right VPS plan is decent disk performance. Well-optimized SSD storage is necessary for workloads handling large amounts of data. Our most extensive Storage-Optimized plan has 320 gigabytes of storage capacity. An extensive SSD disk is a perfect solution if you're into file serving services or other services that need frequent read/write operation. Also, it would be best to have a decent disk performance plan if simultaneous users access files on your server.

VPS Root Access

With root access, you'll get administrator-level rights, providing you with complete control of your server. You can take charge of your server, host multiple projects, install third-party applications or software, and much more. Since root access might seem a bit complicated, especially for new users, our user-friendly control panel helps you efficiently manage the root access and make the most of it. With our anonymous VPS, you can configure your server as per your preferences, without any further restrictions.

Flexible VPS Plans and Backups

With our anonymous VPS, you can always upscale your VPS plan at any time you need. You can simply re-provision your server with more RAM, CPU, and SSD disk memory. This option of upscale adds a lot of flexibility; as your business grows, so can your VPS. We also provide backups and snapshots, which might help recover data in the case of accidental deletions. In case of an attack where your data is stolen or corrupted, only frequent backups will help you to recover your data. The backup approach that we provide gets you back up and running in no time.

VPS Security and Anonymity

One of the most excellent benefits of anonymous VPS is your hosting environment's isolated and secure nature. We have inherited all pre-configured VPS security settings from DigitalOcean, so we provide SSH key settings, regular and automatic updates, and many vulnerability monitors.

Moreover, we provide truly anonymous Bitcoin VPS, all thanks to anonymous crypto payments for our services. You are not obligated to provide any identity-prooving documents, and we don't require any verification. You can even access your Control Panel anonymously, thanks to our PRV onion site. With an anonymous Tor browser, your online activity will become untraceable.

Summing Up
Choosing the best VPS plan is a matter of evaluating your choices and ensuring you're getting everything you need out of your hosting plan. Our plans enable instant setups, data migration, and easy upscales once your business starts to grow. PRV.to anonymous VPS offers safe, anonymous, and reliable hosting plans that cater to businesses of any size. Get anonymous VPS by DigitalOcean for Bitcoin.