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Have questions about our VPS hosting service? Find answers to most frequent questions below, or contact us at anytime.

Who is in charge of Prv.to?

Prv.to is managed by Luxury Direct LLC, and all hosting services are provided by DigitalOcean, LLC

Is your service secure?

Absolutely. Our Virtual Private Servers are provided by DigitalOcean, and therefore, all DigitalOcean security measures apply to us.

Why do you require an e-mail address?

We do require an e-mail address to notify you when your account balance runs low or runs out. Additionally, we will use your e-mail address to inform you about service updates, maintenance windows, or changes to our Terms and Conditions.

Are there any server limits?

When you first sign up for our service, your limit is two severs per account. As your account matures, we will automatically increase this limit. Additionally, if you would like to increase this limit sooner, you can always contact us.

Do I pay for an inactive server?

All Virtual Private Servers are billed as long as they exist, even if they are not active. If you no longer want to pay for a server, please delete it.

How do I top-up my account balance?

You can top-up your account balance by using the TOP-UP button located in the menu. You can top-up your account using Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Elrond Egold, Tether, Usd Coin, Dash.

What if my account balance is low?

When your account balance is low, we will send you a notification via e-mail. Please make sure to top-up your account as soon as you receive this notification. Otherwise, once your account balance reaches €0.00, all your servers will be permanently deleted.

What if my account balance runs out?

Once your account balance reaches €0.00, all your servers will be permanently deleted. All the data stored on your servers, and any associated backups, will be lost.

Can I withdraw my account balance?

All payments are inevitable, and no refunds or withdrawals are available. Therefore, we advice you to top-up your balance only in the amounts you plan to use.

How do I access my server?

To access your server, you need to provide the public SSH key.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.