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Jul 15, 2021

Why You Need an Anonymous Offshore Hosting Solution

Anyone interested in privacy should opt for an anonymous offshore hosting solution because they commit to privacy, values, and policies. For us, the privacy of our users means the core of importance. Users must have their data secure and under their control. Our anonymous hosting solutions also offer a lot more technical options for retaining privacy.

What Is Offshore Hosting?

The practice of hosting a website on servers outside one's own country is called offshore web hosting solutions. This is usually done to achieve certain advantages. Technically, anytime you host a website on a foreign server, you are engaging in offshore hosting. However, this doesn't certainly mean that your identity stays anonymous.

What is Anonymous Hosting?

Anonymous hosting is a little different in comparison with offshore hosting solutions because it always has the element of 'anonymity'.

With PRV - Virtual Private Servers it doesn't matter if you host your data within your own country or offshore. They always remain completely anonymous.

If you wonder how can your hosting solution remain untraceable and therefore anonymous, here are some answers.

Our anonymous hosting solutions offer:

  • never reveal personal details
  • your data is DMCA - protected
  • pay by crypto - preferably Bitcoin

PRV - Virtual Private Servers makes it easier for digital businesses or digital users to share content online without their true identity disclosure.

Government Interest in Business Activities

Governments across the world are trying to monitor the business activities of their citizens. This is against freedom of expression and freedom of trade, and it also creates problems for most users who have businesses spread across the world.

Through laws, taxation, censorship, and prosecution, governments of all nations make it harder (or, at least, less lucrative) to engage in certain sorts of businesses or write about certain types of topics. For users looking for anonymity, getting an anonymous hosting solution to keep their online businesses and projects running low is the best option.

Independence of Cyber Laws

Governments are not alone in reducing the business activities of their citizens. Independent cyber laws are another thing that strangles them. Think about the DMCA copyright act (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). The issue is that anyone can file a complaint with DMCA against people who have their legit websites running. If the complaint is made with their hosting solution, they might take down the website immediately, and the person loses all available online data. So, anonymous hosting solutions are also a solution to cyber laws problems. When your identity is hidden, no one can link you to your website and take it down, that's why is anonymity so important.

Foreign Database for Backup Available

You also get a database backup of your content that you can use in case if someone hacks into your account and asks for ransom. Here at PRV.to, we use DigitalOcean as a backend for our cloud hosting servers. The backups are made on a regular basis and stored in different countries to ensure that the user's data remains safe all the time.

Bitcoin VPS Payment Method

If you want an anonymous offshore hosting solution, the biggest reason you should get one is because of the crypto payment options available to you.

For example, here at PRV, we offer Bitcoin cryptocurrency payments for your anonymous hosting solution. If you want to remain completely off the grid so that no one can see who you are, even based on your credit or debit card, then you should pay with Bitcoin.

Generally Affordable Pricing

The best part about getting an anonymous hosting solution for your business is because of pricing. We offer anonymous hosting solutions for as low as €10 / month. You won't get a virtual machine with a healthy amount of memory lower than this anywhere else. So, if you are comparing hosting solutions and looking for one that offers the best value for the money, then PRV - Virtual Private Servers is your choice.

Why Do You Need Anonymous Hosting?

Anonymous offshore hosting solutions offer a lot of options that you won't find on any other host. You get the convenience of backups, faster performance, and complete anonymity. The third option is not available at the most prominent hosting solutions, and that's the advantage of choosing PRV - Virtual Private Servers.