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Apr 4, 2022

The Best Anonymous Hosting Plan for Your Business

Choosing the ideal VPS hosting plan for your project might be difficult, and we hope this article will help you pick the most suitable one based on your project nature. Most VPS providers provide various options for virtual servers, and so do we. So, let's have a closer look at why one is better than another.

A Standard VPS package presents standardized server plans built for numerous purposes. Storage Optimized servers have the major benefit of high disk performance; these are best for I/O heavy applications. Memory-optimized and compute-optimized are ideal for projects requiring specific resources using more of either CPU or RAM.

Here are a few things to consider while selecting the best VPS plan for your project.

Standard Anonymous VPS Plan

The most commonly used and deployed anonymous VPS plans are Standard VPS plans. These VPSs are designed for typical, everyday workloads. A standard VPS may be used for various purposes; for example, you might set up this type of plan to host websites, blogs, web apps, testing and staging environments, in-memory caching, and databases.

The fact that these servers are offered as "Standard VPS" does not mean they are sluggish or underpowered. Our SSD-backed servers are ultra-fast, no matter how many resources you allocate to them. You can get your anonymous VPS for as low as $10 a month, and you'll be shocked at how powerful even the most basic plan is. Read more about our anonymous VPS prices.

Our standard VPS plan offers up to 16GB RAM, 6vCPU, and 3200GB SSD. These resources can support enterprise-level and in-memory caching servers, backup servers, and even robust SQL database servers. If you're using Linux, the servers are more than capable of running WordPress, cPanel, and basic MySQL.

Storage Optimized Anonymous VPS Plan

A VPS designed for storage provides dedicated high-performance professional SSD hardware and up to 1TB of SSD storage for your VPS. These storage-optimized servers are best for I/O-intensive programs like Microsoft SQL Server, especially SQL ETL data transformation operations. The VPS's super-fast I/O allows it to crunch massive volumes of data in seconds.

Storage Optimized VPSs employ local SSD storage and are ideal for mission-critical operations that require ultra-low latency. Our clients most typically use these servers for distributed databases and data analytics.

Memory-Optimized Anonymous VPS Plan

Users looking for servers with a lot of volatile memory (RAM) can choose the Memory Optimized VPS, which has the cheapest pricing for more RAM and significant quantities of uninterrupted memory sizes, ranging from 1GB to 16GB.

Memory-Optimized VPS plans are intended for applications that demand a lot of memory I/O or employ memory-based apps for improved performance. Each server employs solid-state drives (SSDs), which improve the speed of memory-optimized servers and may be utilized to dump data in the case of a failure.

CPU Optimized Anonymous VPS Plan

Compute-optimized VPS will deliver a massive amount of processing power to your apps. With this VPS, you'll have access to Intel's optimized CPU hosting platform, allowing you to quickly handle large volumes of data. Data analytics, video processing, and game servers benefit from CPU-optimized VPSes. SSD storage and ultra-fast memory combine to offer a server solution that can handle the most demanding applications.

Plan Flexibility

At any moment, you can update your Cloud VPS plan. If your business expands, so can your VPS. You may increase the server's CPU, disk, memory, and network bandwidth at any time you like. You can scale up your VPS by switching to a new plan with greater performance. Alternatively, you can expand your plan by forming a cluster of virtual private servers, offering more computational resources.

Backups and Snapshots

You can preserve your data and simply copy it to the new server, thanks to backups and snapshots. Backup restoration is a considerably more straightforward method of restoring data to a freshly constructed server. Simply restore your system from backup to your new server. This method will have you back up and running in no time.

Summing Up
One of the most appealing features of an anonymous VPS is the freedom to customize server configurations. Our anonymous hosting service is simple to use, but it is also powerful and adjustable. Crucially, you can be sure that your resources are accessible all the time.