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Dec 17, 2021

Who Should Opt for Anonymous VPS

You might be looking for anonymous hosting simply because you value the freedom of speech, or you need to stop or prevent harassers and data miners. You have heard many stories about data breaches, ransomware, or phishing, so, no wonder that you want to avoid any of these scenarios.

The year 2021 is becoming the most pricey and dangerous year on record of ransomware attacks. Ransomware, a category of malware, blocks access or encrypts your vital data. Malicious actors or hackers then demand ransom in exchange for your data decryption.

By choosing more careful passwords, limiting where, when, and with whom you share your sensitive data, you take equal responsibility for your data safety as your hosting provider. An essential part of your data security is privacy and anonymity.

Anonymous VPS hosting option has become quite popular and demanding. The most apparent reason is privacy. Not everyone wants to reveal information about themselves or be associated with their online data, not even the hosting provider. When signing up for anonymous hosting, you only need to provide your email address and a password. Therefore, personally identifiable information like phone numbers, addresses, and legal names are not asked for. As such, one can remain truly anonymous. Email address is the only essential info we require to sign you up, and our payment gateway supports Bitcoin cryptocurrency. So even when it comes to the payment process, your true identity won't get disclosed, thanks to Bitcoin's anonymity and decentralization.

Anonymous hosting has offshore jurisdiction.

Another reason one might opt for anonymous hosting is freedom of speech. US and western countries are usually free countries where everyone can freely express personal opinions. But in many countries, there are still limits and restrictions for their citizens. Our anonymous servers are located in 8 datacenters worldwide. In each country, the legislation is somewhat a bit different. Offshore hosting will let you choose your desired data center location with foreign offshore jurisdictions. Thanks to different offshore jurisdictions, you can get around some specific rules or laws valid in your country.

Professional and business users very often prefer anonymous VPS over shared hosting.

If your online project has overgrown shared hosting, and you need more advanced hosting solutions but can't afford a whole dedicated server, then anonymous VPS hosting would be your best choice. Singing up for anonymous VPS means you get your own virtual server. Each VPS plan allocates essential resources of CPU cores, RAM, and SSD storage.

You don't have to be an IT specialist. Setting up a server is a pretty straightforward process. Don't forget to set your SSH key, and remember, you can upscale your allocated resources anytime you need to.

Online anonymity provided by anonymous hosting secures your Business.

It doesn't matter if you are running a blog, anonymous website hosting, anonymous video hosting, or looking for a complete hosting solution. We have designed our VPS plans to withstand an extensive range of mainstream or production workloads. Based on the size of your online business or project, we can advise you on the most suitable VPS plan. If you are still unsure what VPS plan will suit you best, find a more detailed explanation in our blog about Choosing the Best VPS Plan.

What Is Anonymous VPS Used For?

Beyond hosting a website, anonymous VPS servers have many other uses. You might think of utilizing anonymous hosting for deploying and testing projects, running your private server, or for additional file storage or website backups.

Hosting Your Own Personal Server

A VPS server gives you the power to run your own server environment for any online activity.

Sandbox for Testing

If you often deploy web or mobile applications, the best is to have your own environment to test things out. Since a dedicated server might be too expensive, anonymous VPS is the best solution for you.

Additional File Storage

Using cloud storage accounts can become expensive. With anonymous VPS, you can create your personal backup storage of your files.

Anonymous hosting offers privacy strengthening features for users who intend to protect their privacy, prevent domain spam, prevent stalkers if you are well known or famous, or for those who value the freedom of speech. If your business has expanded beyond the limitations of shared hosting and you need better privacy and performance, anonymous VPS is the ideal solution for you. When it comes to the signing-up process, we won't require your PII (personally identifiable information). Anonymous hosting provided by PRV.to is the best way to get an anonymous computing instance at an unmatched price.