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May 26, 2021

Using an SSH Key to Maintain the Security

SSH Keys provide a safeguarded way for users to log into their VPS. Once set up, SSH keys will provide you with a pair of keys, one private key that should be kept secure, and a public key that can be given to whoever needs it. The keys then allow you to log into the server without the use of a password.

Why Should You Use SSH Keys?

Secure Shell or better known as “SSH” is a cryptographic network protocol that provides a much more secure way of logging into servers without the use of a password. Passwords can be stolen and brute-forced, and for those looking to protect their VPS that is a pretty big weakness. SSH Keys provide a much more secure form of authentication that is almost impossible to break through brute force.

How to Set Up SSH Keys on Your VPS

Setting up SSH Keys is a fairly straightforward and simple process. Follow the steps below to establish an SSH Keypair and secure your VPS server.

1. Generate the Key Pair

The first step is extremely simple. Open your command line, on macOS at Applications/Utilities/Terminal, and on Windows, Click START, In the Search or Run line, type cmd (short for a command).

Type the following: ssh-keygen and press Enter.

2. Save the Keys and Set a Passphrase (if desired)

After you input the above command, the computer will ask you several more questions. The first will be where you want to save the keys. Using the default locations allows your SSH client to automatically find your SSH keys when authenticating, so we recommend accepting these default options.

The second prompt is whether or not you want to enter a passphrase. A passphrase is an added layer of security that encrypts the private key file on a disk. Entering a passphrase will generate the keys with the provided passphrase. However, if you enter a passphrase, you will have to provide it every time you use this key. If left empty, no passphrase will be used. Once a passphrase is entered or left empty, hit enter and the keys will be generated and saved in the specified location.

3. Setting Up the Key on Your PRV Server

Now that the key pair is generated, it’s time to install them on your VPS. Log in to the Control Panel. In the Control Panel, in the left navigation, locate the SSH keys tab and then choose a name and paste your public key. Hit Add and that's it, simple as promised.

Your VPS is now completely set up to use SSH Keys. This added layer of security will help to safeguard against possible threats even if your password is stolen. Just remember that this does add a layer of complexity to the login process, so it isn’t as easy as simply logging in from any computer. You will need the private key to log in to your server from now on, so be sure to keep it safe and don’t forget where it’s located.

Setting Up An Anonymous Crypto-Friendly VPS

Cryptocurrency provides a lot of great flexibility when it comes to payment methods. With its low fees and fast delivery, it can be used to pay for a wide variety of services. We offer anonymous VPS hosting and take Bitcoin as payment meaning that you can remain completely anonymous. The only thing you need to provide is an email address in order to assign you a dedicated VPS. Once your VPS is ready you can do with it as you please, and setting up SSH Keys can be a great start.