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Nov 25, 2022

Is it better to set up an anonymous website on Clearnet or Darknet?

If you need to host a website privately, this article is for you, since it contains all the details you'll need to know when setting up a website anonymously. But let's start by explaining what an anonymous webpage is.

Definition of the anonymous website

Being anonymous on the internet is one of the main advantages of anonymous web hosting. If you host your online project or website anonymously, it won't be possible to tell who the owner is. Since none of your personal information is provided, including your phone number, it will be impossible for your identity to be disclosed. If there are any fees associated with anonymous hosting, they are usually payable using untraceable cryptocurrency.

If you need to host your webpage anonymously, let's find out if it's better to use an anonymous server on Clearnet or set up an onion domain on the Tor network.

Setting an anonymous project on the Tor network

In terms of anonymity, the internet is split into two nets: the Clearnet and the Darknet. Traceability is where the two nets diverge most. In the Clearnet, sources and destinations are known, but in the Darknet, all is hidden.

The Tor browser is well-known as a powerful free resource for browsing the internet secretly. It unlocks deep web addresses with the .onion suffix. The onion domain registration doesn't require any personal information, it's relatively easy, and it's free. Anyone can launch a Tor hidden service without paying costs or undergoing a time-consuming configuration procedure.

The .onion domain has its pros and cons, like any other domain. To begin with, the only browser that can access a website with such a domain is the Tor or Brave browser. The other browsers won't be able to access the proxy services, which typically direct users to your website. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of browsers like Tor or Brave; as a result, you cannot expect a lot of traffic.

If you've decided to take benefit of the .onion domain, there are several ways you can host a Tor hidden service, such as utilizing a VPS, installing Apache or Nginx locally on your computer, or using dedicated Tor web hosts. When the .onion site is created, a domain name is generated automatically. It consists of 16 random numbers (2–7) and lowercase characters. There is no way for users to remember your website as a result.

Another disadvantage of the Tor network is that your website won’t feature on any search engine. Since Google has no access to the Darknet, it won't index your onion site, making it unsearchable. The Tor network is also much slower than the regular internet, so if you need to run more complex websites anonymously, it's better to use the Clearnet.

For those who need to promote their website, get attention, and stay hidden, anonymous hosting is better than Tor hosting.

Here's how to create a Clearnet website that is anonymous

The Clearnet, or regular internet, is full of surveillance and monitoring, leaving few options for staying anonymous, especially if you need to launch a website without exposing your true identity.

Here are a few simple rules that are good to follow:

  1. Always use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  2. Always access any anonymous service with the Tor browser.
  3. Register your website with a private email address.
  4. Register your domain name in anonymity.
  5. Rent an anonymous VPS (anonymous Virtual Private Server).
  6. Use only anonymous payment methods.

A VPN will mask your IP address, making it impossible to pinpoint your location. Yet your VPN provider can still see your online activity. Therefore, it's better to use the Tor browser, which will encrypt all your traffic. The best approach towards online privacy is to use a VPN and Tor browser together. Anonymous Hosting and Tor are your best options to safeguard your privacy. And remember, never do what you usually do on Tor on an unsecured network or regular browser, even if it's only an anonymous email account login.

In a standard registration, the domain name owner's contact information is made public through an online directory. Therefore, you should find a domain registrar that allows for anonymous domain name registration. Also, register using an anonymous email address and never use your private or business email for any anonymous service.

If you need to host a website anonymously, rent an anonymous VPS or anonymous server. Only an anonymous VPS will allow you to launch a website without exposing your true identity. When it comes to covering hosting fees, our anonymous hosting plans can be paid using more than five different cryptocurrencies, each with its own benefits. If you are wondering which anonymous VPS plan will suit you the most, read our article entitled “The Best Anonymous Hosting Plan for Your Business.”

When setting up the anonymous website, you can either use the services of an anonymous hosting provider or place your website on the onion domain. Everything about you will be hidden if you decide to host your website anonymously on the Tor network. However, your domain name will be hard to remember, Google won't index it, and the Tor network often gets slow.

Setting up an anonymous website on the Clearnet is easy, and your anonymous website will be publicly accessible and indexed by Google. However, following all the steps mentioned above is essential to avoid any mistakes that might jeopardize your privacy.