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Apr 20, 2021

Why You Need a Virtual Private Server

While the shift to online work, shopping, and communication has numerous benefits, it also has increased risk factors. Cybercrime has reached an all-time high, with ransomware, scams, and other malicious software becoming more widespread. Companies have begun investing millions of dollars in cybersecurity to prevent data breaches and virus infections within their networks.

At the same time, companies have continued to increase the amount of data they collect. This personal data is used for a wide variety of purposes, including being sold to other companies for advertisement and sales purposes. It can also be used to track purchasing trends, preferences, and more, all without permission. The collection of data is oftentimes saved in places with little to no security, which means there’s a greater possibility that your personal information is stolen and spread across the internet.

So how can individuals and businesses protect themselves from these threats? That’s where PRV Anonymous Virtual Private Servers come into play. PRV focuses on anonymity and we understand why is anonymity so important.

Why is VPS better than other hosting services?

As the internet becomes the go-to resource for just about everything, businesses have had to adapt and offer an online presence. This is usually in the form of some kind of website. Websites need to be hosted on a platform so that their audience and customers can find them. There are plenty of options to choose from, however, a lot of these options tend to use shared hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is when a single server operates and runs multiple websites at one time. While the service is usually the cheapest option, it’s also the least secure and uncertain of the bunch. Since multiple customers are sharing the same server, the server hardware and resources is shared between them. This can lead to a single customer use it up a large portion of the resources while the other customers are left struggling.

Dedicated Hosting

On the flip side, dedicated hosting provides customers with a server specifically for their services. The entire server is dedicated to that single customer so there are plenty of customizable options, the security is tight, and the performance is extremely reliable. Unfortunately, dedicated hosting is incredibly expensive and can offer more than what most businesses are looking for.

VPS - Virtual Private Servers

PRV is a middle ground between these two options. A single server is split up into dedicated virtual machines which essentially designates resources and space to a customer. This provides customers with an experience similar to a dedicated server, while also allowing them to increase and add resources and performance as needed. The customer will always get the performance they pay for rather than having to share it with others. We also provide a completely separate and secure area for each customer, so if there is a seedy customer on the same server, they are restricted to their own area and have no effect on the other users. Minimal maintenance, scalability, anonymity, and more are the main advantages of PRV servers.

We provide a wide variety of options when it comes to virtual private servers. These services are extremely cost-competitive and come with the added benefit of providing complete anonymity for our users. PRV also provides crypto VPS hosting so companies and individuals can purchase their services with Bitcoin. So for those of you who are looking for a reliable and secure VPS provider, we’ve got the perfect solution.