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Jan 20, 2022

Turn your VPS into a home server

Anonymous image hosting, anonymous web hosting, or anonymous video hosting? With anonymous hosting, all is possible. But did you know that you can easily turn your anonymous VPS into a private home server? With anonymous VPS, you can host and share all your data privately and anonymously.

We all share photos on Instagram or Flickr, videos on Youtube, calendars, notes, and addresses on Google. If you are an iPhone user, all your activity is constantly synchronized with your iCloud. Our entire lifeline with the best moments is often uploaded and shared on Facebook. Rest assured that our data are safe and accessible only by us, but is that true? Hard to tell. But the truth is that with our anonymous VPS plans, you can host your data yourself and still be in total control of them.

How to Set Your Home VPS Server

Our anonymous VPS gives you full root access to your virtual machine. Root access practically provides you the highest level of unhindered, unrestricted access to your virtual server. It lets you install any applications you like and make server modifications that boost the performance and security of your virtual environment.

By installing applications like Cloudron or YounoHost, you can easily configure your anonymous VPS into your private home server. These apps help you turn your anonymous VPS into a personal cloud platform even if you are not a literary privacy-minded self-hosting enthusiast.

The Apple App Store and Google Play provide an excellent analogy to describe this process. Anyone can easily install apps on their phones and keep them updated. The same applies to your anonymous VPS server. With root access, you can access server settings and install/uninstall software or applications you like.

Benefits of Personal Cloud Platform

Your home server allows you to sync, share, and consume from your own music collections, store, and share videos and photos, and more. Did you know that you can manage your contacts, calendars, and even passwords with your personal cloud platform?

Your home server allows you to keep all personal notes and files in a structured way so you can easily share them with friends and family.

Having your home email server has never been easier. Get complete email solutions with account management, mailing lists, spam filtering, and webmail clients. Your home server installed on an anonymous VPS can offer even much more. Apps for chat, gaming, blogging, or project management can be installed with one click.

If you are worried about setup, we can assure you that nearly all the tasks around the installation, like database configuring, are pretty automated. However, some tasks might require one to have the basic technical know-how to install a server and make an effort to keep it up-to-date. End-to-end SSH encryption setup is detailly described in our blog Using an SSH Key to Maintain the Security.

Our backup solutions and snapshots let you back up and restore your data instantly. You can even simply migrate your data from one server to another or just upgrade your hosting plan. All our anonymous hosting plans are easily scalable and offer instant upgrades without any downtime. So if setting up your anonymous hosting plan, don't forget to choose regular backups and snapshots.

As you can see, self-hosting can be relatively easy to set, and you can enjoy all the privacy and security benefits associated with anonymous VPS hosting. Thanks to all the privacy-strengthening benefits our anonymous hosting plans offer, you can host and share all your data securely and keep complete control of them. Anonymous VPS plans let you host any of your data and make it fully available to your friends, family, or the whole world.