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Sep 13, 2021

Tips to improve the security of your website

It doesn't matter what type of company you have and what business sector you are in. If you have a website, you might be a target for a cyber-attack.

We don't want to start this post being alarmist. Still, we advise you to be aware that any company and website can suffer a phishing attempt and data theft. In addition, the website may be the victim of viruses, malware, ransomware, or any other malicious program that has recently appeared.

You should know precisely how to protect a website. If your website has all the security measures installed and applied, it will withstand any attack.

The question is, how to create a security barrier against these attacks?

You can apply several practices to create a shield that keeps these types of hackers, scammers, and malicious programs away. In this post, we give you practical tips to protect the website.

1. Start protecting your website by constantly updating your software

The first and most basic and essential step in keeping a website secure is not to ignore software and CMS platform updates.

Most of the updates are related, directly or indirectly, to website security and help avoid viruses or malicious software, as well as attacks that violate the security of your website. It is essential to keep up to date with the updates of your platform without excuses or delays! Many web hosting companies already take care of updating specific open-source CMS platforms themselves.

Bitcoin VPS servers provided by us use DigitalOcean infrastructure, and therefore, all DigitalOcean security measures apply to us. Our all software updates are performed automatically, keeping you constantly secure. Frankly, choosing PRV Bitcoin VPS gets you many security benefits.

2. Install or buy the best security plugins (extensions)

Security plugins reinforce the security of your website and make it more difficult to breach. If your website runs on a WordPress template, you will find WordPress-specific plugins. If not, perhaps a tool like SiteLock can do a lot for you. Every time a new security plugin comes out. You should be willing to install it, especially if it was designed specifically for the style of business you have. Because that means there are viruses and any malware out there attacking websites like yours.

3. Choose a secure web hosting service

Selecting a good web hosting service is a much more critical decision than it seems at first glance. Our advice is not to take this decision lightly; choosing one or the other simply because of price, a friend's recommendation, advertising, or any other factor of little value in terms of the website security.

If you looking for top hosting especially focusing on users' privacy, then you've come to the right place. The web hosting service you choose must be secure and offer daily backups, automatic updates of your CMS, fixed and secure IP, own server resources, and monitoring and control systems for your website.

Our bitcoin hosting allows you to register an account without a data verification process, connect using anonymous servers such as Tor, and make payments with Bitcoin to remain 100% anonymous. For these reasons, it significantly increases your level of confidentiality.

4. Install an SSL certificate and protect your website on HTTPS

If your website still does not work under the HTTPS protocol, that means that Google and Chrome label you as a "non-secure site." You must fix this as soon as possible! This problem should be the second urgent thing to do today (remember that the first thing to do is update your CMS).

Migrate your standard HTTP website to an HTTPS protocol website. It lets your customers know that you care about their security and prevents cyber thieves from finding loopholes to get in to steal data or run scams.

5. Create daily backups of all your data

Daily and automatic backups of all your data (web and databases) alleviate many worries and headaches.

Having a backup is vital if someone manages to break into your website and steal data or cause damage to your files. Starting a website from scratch is expensive and complicated, but putting one back together again with the data backed up.

For this reason, our Bitcoin VPS hosting offers the option to perform Backups and Snapshots at an affordable price for all users. Check the low additional charge in our pricing post.

Take action as soon as possible to protect your website

Web security is not a task for later. You may not think you are a target for hackers. Still, cyberattacks are increasing, making those who have not yet suffered the first attack more vulnerable.

Are you going to wait to be a victim of attacks? Ensuring web security is paramount to winning over search engines and leading your niche. If customers feel vulnerable, they will not make any transactions on your website. They will not want to provide their data. The more secure your website is, the more likely you will have a high conversion rate and profit.

Our Bitcoin VPS servers are built on DigitalOcean infrastructure, and therefore, all DigitalOcean security measures apply to us. Together we strive to create a safe and resilient environment where our customers can innovate with confidence.