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Jun 10, 2021

The Ample Security Benefits Of Bitcoin Hosting

First and Foremost, What is Bitcoin Hosting?

In a perfect world, there would be no hackers. The concept of cybersecurity would be nonexistent, and people would complete online transactions without ever having to look over their shoulders.
But we all know that's wishful thinking. Or is it?

Bitcoin is in itself a secure and innovative digital payment method. Meshing it together with virtual private servers only elevates (and secures) your online web experience. Enter Bitcoin VPS hosting (or crypto-friendly VPS), a tried-and-true way to enjoy the full perks of anonymity.

Let's dig deeper below.

3 Key Benefits of Bitcoin Hosting

1. No Email Verification

Let's face it. Email verification is such a bore. Besides, quality verification services are not free and can become costly at scale. In addition to the actual cost of email verification, you'll also need to account for time spent selecting a VPS hosting provider.

Our Bitcoin hosting servers for crypto-friendly customers are cut out to circumvent the whole email verification process, giving you time to concentrate on what matters most: remaining untraceable and safe on the web.

2. Supports Onion Version of the Site

In the heart of the deep web lies a part of the internet that's not indexed by search engines: the dark web. Inside this web is layered networks—referred to as darknets. Of these darknets, Tor is by far the most extensive.

The Tor network is made up of hundreds upon hundreds of servers called relays. When you use the Tor Browser to scour the net, your data is not directly passed between your machine and the server. Rather, it is sent randomly between at least three relays before it reaches its target location. In short, the data you see on your screen might travel the world a couple of rounds before it gets to you!

This might seem inefficient at first, but it also makes browsing harder to track (and, by extension, harder to attack). Besides, your browsing data is encrypted in such a way that the relays are not able to track its origin, content, and target destination at the same time. It's quite simply, online security redefined.

Sites cannot adopt usual domain names in the dark web—for obvious reasons. Rather, they use pseudo names that end with .onion. These domain names are obtained from cryptographic keys and are not registered with a central body. This obviously means less traceability, reduced censorship, and more privacy.

So, how does the concept of Bitcoin hosting come in in all of this?

You see, some Bitcoin VPS providers—including us—do allow onion (Tor) websites and accept Bitcoin. That means you don't have to go through the tedious process of converting your registered site to .onion.

3. Ensures Complete User Anonymity

Crypto is one of the most anonymous methods of payment there is.

You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it.

That's why virtual private servers for crypto-friendly customers are not unheard of. In fact, they're becoming a mainstay.

This begs the question: How exactly do Bitcoins promote anonymous and secure hosting?

For one, Bitcoin payments can be made without attaching your personal identity to the transaction. That simply means your (web hosting service) purchases are not associated with your personal details. In fact, the anonymous Bitcoin address generated for your purchase alters with every transaction.

Two, Bitcoin is in itself an independent, unregulated, and decentralized currency. While this may seem like a disadvantage at first glance, it's the complete opposite. Think about it. Third parties have no way of placing freezes on Bitcoin accounts or interrupting user transactions, right? So it's safe to say that Bitcoin offers you a greater degree of freedom and security than conventional currencies.

Where We Come In: Get a Secure Bitcoin hosting Now!

Our Bitcoin hosting offers security—and not just basic security, top-notch security. The best part? All of our BTC VPS servers are powered by DigitalOcean and available in an array of configurations (including SSD, memory, and CPU). If anything, this shows our commitment provide the best possible performance for your web applications. We also endeavor to provide fast, reliable, and secure methods of payment, which is exactly why we accept Bitcoin.

Our Bitcoin hosting services include:

  • Ultra-fast setup: Your Bitcoin VPS will be on our heavenly cloud in record time.
  • Instant snapshots: Take a snap of your Bitcoin-enabled VPS and revert to that snap anytime, anywhere.
  • Affordable backups: At only 20% of the cost of your Bitcoin VPS, our backup pricing is among the best in the market.

Ready to experience the top-notch security that Bitcoin hosting comes with? Don't hesitate to get your server today!