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Aug 12, 2021

Online Security

Have you ever thought about keeping your web host's IP and domain information hidden from the public? Or have you ever heard of untraceable web hosting payable by bitcoin? Let's find out the safest way to host your online project.

Definitely gone are those days when a website operating (or even a computer system operating) required extensive and specific knowledge. Building and launching a new website is trimmed down to finding a proper site builder like Word Press or Craft CMS, choosing a domain name, getting your content ready, and finding a reliable and secure web hosting service. Especially the last one, finding the best hosting service is essential for your online data security.

Cybercriminal Activity - the problem of these days

These days, setting up and launching a new website takes just a few clicks. No wonder that the number of sites worldwide shows exponential growth. And so does the amount of cybercriminal activity. Attackers don't hesitate to breach any online project. There are countless reasons for it - ransom, competitor espionage, security breaches, censorship, political motives - you name it. Some hackers might even do it just for fun, or only to prove that they can. Luckily, on the other hand, ethical hackers are hacking with the intent to expose your system's weaknesses.

Furthermore, there is a rising number of malware and virus threats. The new form of malware called ransomware has become very popular lately. Ransomware attacker threatens to publish the user's sensitive data or simply block access to it unless a ransom, mostly in bitcoin is paid. These attacks often took place in essential sectors like banking and healthcare. However, based on the recent attacks (Colonial Pipeline Company, Buffalo Public Schools, etc.), hackers can target any profitable subject capable of paying a ransom. The rate of publicly disclosed data breach attacks by the end of September 2020 (Q3) was nearly 50%.

The Covid pandemic made this situation even worst. Many people working from the home offices with weaker security (unsecured internet connection, outdated antivirus software, etc. ) are literally like bait for hackers. Truth be told, cybercrime numbers have expanded by an incredible 600% for the last 18 months.

How to Secure Your Online Data

These days anyone can find out who is hosting your website - WHOIS (domain registration record). Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and financial information are the most frequently exposed types in all data breach attacks. Attackers can easily disclose all the data like payment methods used, IP addresses, and most importantly, your email addresses. Then it's just a piece of cake to link your identity to the attacked website and ask for ransom.

The right anonymous hosting provider like PRV.to will not only ensure you have a well-suited environment for your website - we'll help you to secure your anonymity as well. Thanks to anonymous VPS, you'll get untraceable web hosting just in a few clicks. Here in PRV.to, we will allow you to create accounts using pseudonyms. So you don't have to reveal any personal information when signing up. We only require an email address, but no verification is needed. Not even a postal address or phone number is required when you're registering your domain. When it comes to payments, these have never been as safe as now. All thanks to bitcoin, known as a decentralized currency, which doesn't expose your personal information. All you need is a crypto wallet. Signing up with PRV.to has many advantages, not to mention anonymity.

Whatever your explanation is for requiring anonymous hosting, running dark web's related projects, securing your online data, or simply needing to hide your online activity is totally attainable with PRV.to. Although we'll also take the liberty to let you know that any criminal activity, even those done through the dark web, won't be tolerated by our hosting services. Any website found to host or otherwise sponsor material that supports terrorism will be suspended immediately. You are not allowed to host sites advertised via SPAM (Spamvertised) on our servers. In these cases, we might terminate your services with or without further notice. For more information, please see our terms.

One of the primary uses of our anonymous VPS is to host an anonymous online project. But, since hackers' activity is getting more intensive, even non-commercial projects can be targeted. Here in PRV.to we understand why privacy is so important, and choosing the right anonymous hosting will help you to avoid any security problems down the road.