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A cookie is a small piece of data sent from the website and stored in your web browser when you visit the website. A cookie may contain text, numbers, dates or other data, but no personal information is stored in our cookies. It is not a program, and it does not contain harmfull codes.

First party cookies

We always use a simple cookie to track whether you have accepted cookies or not. If you have said no to cookies, this is the way we remember. In certain situations we also use a number of cookies to keep track of your wanderings around the site, and some of the choices you make along the way.

Source Cookie files Lifetime
prv.to CraftSessionId Temporary*

Third party cookies

On this website we collect statistics on user habits, how the users got here and how they use the site. That way we can keep an eye on how to improve the site. This data is analysed in collated form only, specific machines cannot be identified. Consequently we cannot identify you as an individual.

Source Cookie files Lifetime
google.com _ga 2 years
google.com _gat 1 hour
google.com _gid 1 day

*Temporary cookies will be automatically deleted when you close your web browser