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Sep 27, 2022

Access your Anonymous Server Untraceably

No matter whether your decision is based on business reasons or just because you want to straighten out your privacy, we all have the right to remain anonymous. But renting an anonymous server is only part of this puzzle. Another part is how we adjust our online behavior and start actively thinking about privacy. So, just using an anonymous server is not enough. It's also very important how and from where this server is accessed.

What does your IP address reveal?

Since an IP address discloses your geolocation to enable other providers to deliver content that you request, it may be considered a digital address for your internet-connected devices. Here is an example. When you search "Italian restaurants," you'll see results for restaurants nearby due to your IP address. While IP addresses identify your whereabouts, they do not provide as much detail as your exact home address.

In most cases, the IP address of your router connected to the internet is disclosed. Although your router and these internet-connected devices share the same IP address, your router uses a different IP address to provide your device access to the World Wide Web.

Determining the end user might be quite easy, thanks to various online monitoring applications with broad and deep observability. Even simple tools like WHOIS Search, whatismyip.com, or domaintools.com might reveal quite a lot of valuable information.

The truth is that not many anonymous hosting providers offer a way to access the control panel anonymously. Therefore, we provide untraceable access to your anonymous server thanks to the prv's onion site. Your server will stay anonymous only if you consistently access your server undetected.

Anonymous hosting with the onion domain

The Tor network provides anonymous internet services known as "onion services." In contrast to traditional Internet services, onion services are private, typically not indexed by search engines, and employ self-certifying domain names that are lengthy and challenging to read for humans.

Tor Browser automatically uses the onion network to bounce all of your requests between proxies, and this onion service relies on the Tor Browser and the underlying Tor network.

The onion services offered by the Tor Project are a very popular way to run an anonymous network service. Tor onion services offer anonymity for servers, allowing a web server to be anonymous, as opposed to simply providing anonymity for clients (such as masking a client's IP address via a virtual private network).

The Tor client and server are anonymous to one another while using onion services, which are TCP-based network services that can only be accessed over the Tor network. Users can access onion services through onion domains that have meaning only inside the Tor network. By default, a path between a client and an onion service includes 6 Tor relays.

Using the Tor browser

The majority of users find that using the Tor Browser is as easy as downloading and running it, just as they would with Chrome or Firefox.

The first thing you'll notice with Tor if you've never used it before is that it's slow or slower than standard web browsing. Nevertheless, Tor has become considerably quicker over time, especially with a strong internet connection.

Using the Tor Browser is entirely legal; however, it might be prohibited or restricted by national authorities in several nations. The anonymity service is forbidden in China, and the Great Firewall prevents Tor traffic from passing through. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Russia are among the nations putting significant effort into preventing their citizens from utilizing Tor.

On the other hand, even the Tor project keeps evolving. The next generation of onion services, which will upgrade to faster, future-proof cryptography and fix several security issues, are now being tested by Tor team.

Based on the above, it is clear that having an anonymous server is not enough. It's also important to be able to access your control panel anonymously. Thanks to prv’s onion domain, you can log in to your control panel undetected and tune your anonymous server in any way you like. Always access your anonymous server with the Tor browser.